Welcome to Earth-1313, an alternate version of Earth on a completely separate timeline. On this Earth, all the same places exist, all the same technologies, et cetera. The only thing that's different: democracy never existed. All the countries are run by royalty, or more specifically, young royalty. In this world, people believe that the power should be given to the young, because they have an infinitely higher capacity to be great than some dodgy old geezer. But in order to be seen as fit for the throne, they must first go through schooling, and only one from each family will end up in power. At the age of 21, all women must pledge themselves to a man, court them, and by 23, all the men must choose a woman to be his wife, and to rule alongside him. Alliances will be formed, rivalries will be created, friendships will be betrayed, deals will be struck, and hearts will be broken. Who holds their thirst for power above all else?  lurkers lurking

Alfred “Alfie” Emerson | Prince of Pitcairn Islands | 20 | Joey Richter | OPEN

Prince Alfred prefers to be known as Alfie, just as he prefers to be known as anything but the twin to mean-spirited Poppy. He’s frequently found spending some time with her younger victims, trying to reassure them that Poppy doesn’t mean what she says and improve the general way that other royals view their family and country. He’s tried his best to distance himself from his sister; he’s painfully aware that her behavior is really reflecting poorly on their kingdom and that if he can’t step up and show people what it really means to be an Emerson. He believes the throne must be won with understanding, not fear or intimidation, and hopes that he can use that to quietly slip past his sister in the race for the throne. Alfie is very much into history, and he’s been using the lessons his family history has illuminated for him to guide him in his quest to rule. Just two generations ago, Pitcairn was able to negotiate a treaty to gain its independence from Great Britain, but the peace between them is awkward at best, and under the wrong leadership, either kingdom could easily find a reason to go to war with the other. Alfie isn’t a huge fan of Oliver or Hollis Ackerley as potential rulers of Britain, but he knows that his sister ruling opposite one of them would spell disaster for Pitcairn. He loves his sister dearly, but he can’t help but hope that the Council gets wind of her terrible behavior so that she will either be forced to behave like a true princess or that she’ll be out of the race for the crown. Really, he’s only thinking of the best for his kingdom.

Jesoni “Jez” Udre | Prince of Fiji | 21 | Nathan Stewart-Jarrett | OPEN

Prince Jesoni has been forced to grow up a little too fast for his liking. Six years ago, his parents divorced. Divorces are rare in the royal community, and usually only occur if one spouse has broken the law or wronged the other. In King Udre’s case, however, he simply cited “personal reasons” and went on his merry way, leaving Jez and his younger brother Tev to follow along blindly. Their mother was forced to distance herself from her boys, and Jez resents his father for keeping his mother away from him. Since the divorce, King Udre has been more focused on the kingdom and hasn’t spent a lot of time with his sons. Jez felt immense pressure to then step in and be a father figure for Tev, since their own father was shirking his responsibilities. Jez’s only problem with playing both father and brother is that his time and energy is being spent everywhere except preparing himself for the throne. He loves Tev more than anything in the world, but he wants the throne for himself. He thinks emotionally and mentally that he’s better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with the throne than Tev is. However, as his final year at the Academy is starting, he’s realizing just how ill-equipped they both are to make a bid for the Fijian throne. They have so few connections to other kingdoms and no idea how to improve the upward mobility of their kingdom. Jez is trying to cram four years of fatherly help and knowledge into less than one year for himself and three years for Tev, using what he can glean from peers, teachers, and anyone else who will help, but it’s proving to be more stress than he expected. His escape is his art, which hardly anyone knows about. Jesoni likes to sketch to blow off steam, mostly people and places he’s fond of, but he’s very private about it. Tev is really the only person who’s ever seen him sketch, and to the few other people who know he draws (like best friend Quentin Sals), he only shows finished products; no one’s allowed to watch him work. Jez is pretty reserved compared to the rest of his classmates, so it’s been - and is still going to be - an uphill climb to get noticed amidst class loudmouths like Oliver Ackerley, or lunkhead jocks like Henrie Lothair. He’s not sure if he’s up to the challenge, but maybe if he can’t beat ‘em, he might consider joining ‘em…

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Poppy Emerson | Princess of Pitcairn Islands | 20 | Lyndsy Fonseca | OPEN

Princess Poppy is mean as mean can be… or at least, that’s what she overheard some of the freshmen telling each other. But of course, Poppy doesn’t take shit from anybody, especially not some silly freshmen, so she snuck up behind them and started “poking fun”. Of course, poking fun is more like ripping apart when you run with - or from - Poppy. With a name so sweet you’d think she would be too, but she loves to take people down a notch or six just for funsies. She likes to watch the little freshmen run away crying after she tells them exactly what they’re going to grow up to be - fat, entitled, lazy arses who couldn’t keep control of a country even if it was handed to them on a silver platter. Poppy very much feels the pressure though, of the impending responsibility waiting for her. She knows it could only be her to win the throne; her twin brother Alfie is too weak and too wishy-washy, too much of a people-pleaser, to win the throne. She also thinks he might be gay, not that he would ever admit to it if he wanted the throne. She wants to distance herself as much as possible from her brother in public, because if they appear too close it could damage her reputation in more ways than one, but behind closed doors, she really does love him. He’s the one person she’s always spared from her poison barbs, though she could probably sling the best, most hurtful insults of all at him. And if she’s really honest if with herself, she knows Alfred has the smarts to be king, just maybe not the guts. Poppy is arguably the best-traveled royal of her generation - she spent the year before she came to the Academy traveling all across Europe and Asia, and is near fluent in ten languages. Of course, this means some of her favorite insults can’t be understood by the average freshman, but Poppy is usually able to get her point across. Poppy’s reputation, however, is starting to precede her, and the Council may not be so keen on having a queen who makes her underlings cry for sport. She may need to be a little more careful who she targets, because even royals will tattle to Mummy and Daddy.

Wendy Garrett | Princess of Samoa | 18 | Kay Panabaker | OPEN

Princess Wendy is a people-watcher, a listener rather than a talker, which is rare in a royal. Most people take her for quiet and innocent, so they baby her, treat her with kid gloves, like there are still things in the world she doesn’t understand. How very wrong they are, though. Wendy has been quietly listening to the world, watching it, seeing all that it has to offer and all the things people try to hide from her. She’s heard about the sordid affairs Jez and Tev Udre’s dad has been having, about the so-called prophetic dreams Joelle Clovis has been sneaking upstairs to tell her brother at night, and she could’ve saved Carolina, Masha, and Georg the heartbreak of Sascha leaving their little polyamorous tryst if only she’d spoken up. Wendy likes to believe that the reason she knows so much is because the universe trusts her. She is very into meditation and introspection, and thinks of communing with nature and the universe as the most necessary and vital part of her day. Some kingdoms have religions, some have old mythologies that have drifted by the wayside, but Wendy has her peacetime. Of course, she has to keep it secret. She tried telling best friend Kenneth Rufford about the whole process, and he just gave her a look that telepathically said, “You’re kidding, right?” She played it off and told him it was something she’d seen on TV, and she’s never told anybody since. But honestly, she believes that the royal world misunderstands the concept of peace, and thus misunderstands its purpose. However, knowing all that she knows, she knows she cannot say this to anyone, because it would be tantamount to treason and cause to excommunicate her from the royal community. Wendy believes the world could benefit from her leadership, however small her kingdom may be, so as perfect as her sister Faith can be, Wendy has to be better.

Jolanda “Andy” Wille | Princess of Liechtenstein | 18 | Aimee Teegarden | OPEN

Princess Jolanda would like the record to show that she is not and never has been interested in the royal life, and she would prefer if everyone just called her Andy, not Jo, thanks very much. She knows that most girls dream all their lives of being a princess, but she is not most girls. Sure, she sees some of the upsides of being royal; she’s definitely a fan of the royal wardrobe, and she’s pretty pleased with the living arrangements - lots of land, a horse of her own, and even her own bathroom! But considering the stunt her dad just pulled to get it for her, she’d give it all up in a heartbeat. Her dad doesn’t love the queen. He just wants the power and the money and the prestige that comes with being royal, and now he’s dragged Andy into it. He somehow managed to find the distant royal relative her mom had always vaguely mentioned and petitioned to the Council that that smallest drop of royal blood, combined with the fact that she’s now technically a princess, should make her eligible for the throne in Liechtenstein. She would just as soon go back to their humble two-story house and leave the whole thing; it’s her dad that wants the power, not her. Yet her new step-sister Zoë has blamed her for taking away her status as a crown princess,  thus actually giving her competition for the throne. Despite the fact that Andy has no real desire to be royal, she also doesn’t want to let her dad down. He did stick his neck out for her and put in a lot of time and effort into finding all the evidence on that family tree that shows she’s just the tiniest bit royal, so she plans on totally working her ass off in class to make him happy. She also knows that deep down, he always wished he had a son, so she tries her best to be strong and athletic as well as clever and business-savvy. To please her father, she should be the perfect queen, but to please herself, she should back out all together. This royal life may be more trouble than it’s really worth, she fears.

Xavier Yount | Prince of Wallis & Futuna | 19 | Hunter Parrish | OPEN

Prince Xavier would rather not be a Yount, honestly. He thinks his parents and brother incredibly silly for their uppity attitude, and finds their high standards downright imbecilic. He frequently sneaks out of the castle and makes friends with commoners, and most of the time, has had to keep them secret from his mother, lest she reprimand him. He figures that’s the least she’ll do anyway, she’s very much against punishment of any kind. It’s one of the many beliefs he disagrees with her on, which is why he really wouldn’t care to be king of his islands. He’s intentionally taken a back seat in the race for the throne for multiple reasons, but the primary one is that his views do not mesh with the majority of his people or with his parents before him. Xavier isn’t one to be a mover and shaker, so he doesn’t want to make his kingdom’s policies do a complete 180, which is what would happen if he took the throne, so he figures he’ll let Upton take it. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t forget a pretty face like his, so it’s been a little more difficult than he anticipated to try to fade into the background. A lot of girls have been noticing him recently, too, like Elisabeta Eberle. He couldn’t help but notice her eyeing him at the second-year’s welcome-back dinner, but he’s not particularly interested in her… or really any girl for that matter. He wants to keep his options open until girls start pledging to him. He’s not totally sure he only like girls either; he’s definitely gotten some vibes from some of the guys in his class that he’s about 90% sure are not on the straight and narrow… and he’s kinda thinking he might want to pick up what they’re laying down, y’know? He just… wants to keep his options open. Yeah.

Upton Yount | Prince of Wallis & Futuna | 20 | Eddie Redmayne | OPEN

Prince Upton is just as uppity as his name suggests. Though Wallis & Futuna broke away from France about sixty or so years ago, the French snobbery is still very much present in the character of the locals. His parents have ensured that no matter the state of the economy in their islands, they always lived in the lap of luxury, which Upton rather appreciated. Heavily involved in the international theatre community, Upton is a great talent and has been in many international productions, but his parents have always made it very clear that despite his success, he cannot become distracted and lose sight of the end goal - the throne. The Queen, Upton’s mother, loves both him and his brother equally, but when it comes to ruling Wallis and Futuna, Upton just makes more sense. His policies, beliefs, and goals jive much more with not only his parents’ way of ruling, but with the desires of his people. And their father? Well, Upton is his favorite, and he believes his oldest son will do the best job of keeping the country independent from France. He and the French king go way back, and he refuses to let that man steal anything more from him. So he has coached Upton into the best shape of his life, mentally and physically, in order to prepare to take the throne. Of course, it helps that Upton and his father share a few key qualities, like their need to look their best. Neither is ever caught without their hair perfectly coiffed or their collar turned down; they always dress just a little nicer than the occasion calls for, so that they are always the best-dressed men in the room. This has garnered Upton some attention with the princesses of the Academy, but thus far, he’s never gotten past a second date with any of them. His younger brother, Xavier, seems to be doing better and the only advice he could give his older brother was, “Dude, you’re more of a girl than they are. And most girls don’t dig that. Be cool.” Upton could hardly decipher his brother’s common slang, but he denies any reason anyone has ever given him for why he might be unsuccessful with women. So he just carries on and thinks that it’s their loss, and he will eventually find the woman who can appreciate the time and care he gives to the way he presents himself in public. Sure, he may be a bit over-dramatic, self-obsessed, and meticulous, but it’s all in the quest for the throne, so it’s completely justified. Right?

Faith Garrett | Princess of Samoa | 19 | Emilia Clarke | OPEN

Princess Faith has had a lot of pressure put on her to be the perfect princess, and one day, the perfect queen. You see, a few generations ago, some of the older kingdoms - America, France, Great Britain, in particular - began to colonize some of the smaller islands adrift in the lawless country of the high seas. In America, one of the king’s most trusted advisors, Hunter Garrett, was sent to rule over the kingdom’s newest colony, the American Samoa. The disconnect between ruler and people became greater and greater until one woman, Tanya Garrett - Faith’s grandmother - was able to connect with the natives and staged a coup against the American authority. Small battles were waged, because America didn’t care too much about losing the little island, and Samoa became an independent kingdom. Faith has been told time and again how important her leadership is, and how much she reminds people of her grandmother, she is really starting to feel just how much people expect of her. She’s the typical older sister, a bit bossy, very type A, definitely the perfectionist, but she’s also very protective of her little sister, Wendy. She’s been mothering the girl pretty much since she was born. She didn’t start out a perfectionist though; she just started hearing it so often that she became convinced that perfection was required of her, by her parents, by her people, by her boyfriends… it’s started to become a bit much for Faith, and her obsessive-compulsive disorder has really started to get out of control. She focuses in on one thing very easily, starts to pick apart everything wrong with it, and won’t stop until it’s absolutely 100% perfect. It started when she heard the first rumor of being one of the guys’ “perfect woman.” She later found out it was Chris Rufford, and the next time she looked in the mirror, she saw so many things wrong with herself, she was so bothered that she began to change herself. Just a few minor changes here and there - straightening her hair, clearing up her skin, plucking her eyebrows, losing a few pounds… it was nothing, really. She did it all without a word or complaint, because it would make her better than she was before. She’s also incredibly germ-ophobic, because she couldn’t stand to be sick and miss everything. She’d be way too far behind, she protests. She’s hoping that she’ll end up with a boyfriend pretty soon, but she really doesn’t care. So she says. She knows it’ll up her chances at the throne, and she wants to do all she can not just to meet, but to exceed everyone’s expectations for her. 

Yoselin O’Selle | Crown Princess of Dominica | 19 | Phoebe Tonkin | OPEN

Princess Yoselin isn’t exactly the paragon of what royalty should be, but she’ll be damned if she admits it. The way she walks and talks, you’d think she was already Queen and just about to finish taking over the world. She’s the stereotypical only child - raised by doting, hyper-attentive parents, very used to getting what she wants whenever she wants it, wants all the attention all the time. Though a lot of her HBIC act is just that - an act - people often take Yoselin very seriously. She can be rather catty - she and best friend Poppy Emerson could be considered the mean girls at the Academy, and they play for keeps. Yoselin was the only freshman girl to withstand Poppy’s torments first semester last year, and so Poppy took Yoselin under her wing, and as it turned out, the younger girl had a natural mean streak. Despite the attitude, Yoselin actually does have some good qualities for a queen, which is good, considering she’s Dominica’s only option for the job. She’s got plenty of options in terms of pledge material, and the girl is persuasive to boot. She has literally charmed people out of their pants and flounced away like everything was completely normal. Unfortunately, her talent for entrancing boys has a downside - she’s kind of the school bicycle. Anybody with the right amount of alcohol and a basic knowledge of what turns her on can get it, and in the royal world, sleeping around is definitely looked down upon, especially once it gets public, like Yoselin’s reputation is starting to become. She may be good with people, but it might be a miracle for Yoselin to convince her people that she really can rule properly after the reputation she’s created for herself at the Academy - or for her to mend her public image by the time she’s crowned. 

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